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Our DAS Credentials

CNS DAS Design Engineers ensure each design resolves all customer requirements, and closely collaborate with the wireless carriers for final design approval, and fulfillment of their network performance requirements.

CNS Project Managers & Installation Technicians are BICSI Certified and ensure all applicable regulations and codes are adhered to; during all system deployments.

Beyond technical expertise, the CNS Deployment Teams are also mindful of the installation environments.

Our crews ensure the deployment of a system does not impede the daily operations of our customers.

Post DAS Deployment

CNS offers remote monitoring and maintenance services, to ensure consistent reliable performance for the life of the DAS.


Our team also provides on-going consulting services, to provide customers with insight into technology evolution, and advanced notice of equipment obsolescence.

OEM's Deployed


Small Cell

Small cells are low-powered cellular radio access nodes that operate in licensed and unlicensed spectrum that have a range of 10 meters to a few kilometers. They are "small" compared to a mobile macrocell, partly because they have a shorter range and partly because they typically handle fewer concurrent calls or sessions.


CNS provides the Pre-Construction Architect & Engineering Services for Small Cell deployments.  

Our Small Cell A&E Solutions

Zoning Drawings (ZD) are created for the entitlement process, required for jurisdictional approval for service.


CNS Engineer's document the intent of the project and create schematic drawings to conceptualize the site.

Construction Drawings (CD) are drafted for submittal to the associated jurisdictional authority for approval.


Custom Designs are drafted by CNS Engineers to meet all carrier/customer requirements; as well as the aesthetic concerns of the location.

Entitlements/ Permitting are a facilitate by local-market experts that leverage experience and zone processes to ensure our clients’ goals are satisfied.

Why Choose Us?

CNS  has self-performed every aspect of DAS since 2003, for all of the major wireless carriers; as well as for building owners, Federal Agencies, and Military Branches. DAS deployment is the core competency CNS was founded on, and with a history of deploying thousands of DAS, we value our reputation.



Our Commitment

CNS commits to providing our customers reliable, cost-efficient, custom technology solutions. This is accomplished by ensuring every function within our scope of services is performed by qualified, professional, reliable, employees that are responsive, proactive, and results-driven.

Distributed Antenna System

A Distributed Antenna System, or DAS, is a network of antennas connected to a common source that provides wireless service within a structure.


In short, a DAS provides wireless coverage similar to a cell tower; just indoors.

Why is DAS needed?



Some buildings just don't receive sufficient coverage from neighboring Cell Towers. DAS solves this problem.

Ultimately, DAS provides buildings their own  dedicated wireless coverage system.

Poor wireless coverage coverage is not only an inconvenience; but potentially a public safety hazard.




Beyond coverage issues, capacity & data throughput are the other high-demand requirements for in-building mobile users.


In high density buildings such as hospitals, airports, stadiums, convention centers, etc. the demand for additional capacity increases.


Again, the deployment of DAS provides the solution for these issues.

Our DAS Process

RF Acceptance Testing

Site Survey

Benchmark RF Testing

Define System Requirements

Carrier Coordination

DAS Optimization

DAS Commissioning

Custom Installation

Custom iBwave Design

As-Built Drawings & Closeout Package





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